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Irish Whiskey Trail FAQs and Answers.

Who decides which Irish whiskey venues are awarded free listings on the Irish Whiskey Trail?

Irish Whiskey Trail FAQs – Our editor is the well known Irish Whiskey writer Stuart McNamara who is also the editor of IrishWhiskey.com and several other Irish and International whisk(e)y sites. Stuart has personally selected all of the whiskey venues listed on the Irish Whiskey Trail. Stuart also consults regularly with his fellow Irish and International Whiskey Bloggers to obtain their feedback, suggestions and nominations for awards each year. If your venue is an Irish Whiskey Pub, a very good way to catch our attention is to create a free listing for your Pub or Bar at IrishWhiskey.Pub which lists the very best Irish Whiskey Pubs and Bars from around the world.

What do we look for when deciding who is awarded membership of the Irish Whiskey Trail?

We look for deep interest in and passion for whiskey by both the owner and staff. “Instant Whiskey Bars” built overnight to capitalise on the current whiskey boom and which have been funded by just one big whiskey company do not generally impress us. We like bars that run regular whiskey events and play an active role in the Irish Whiskey world.

Do Pubs and other whiskey venues pay for their listings on the Irish Whiskey Trail?

No. All listings are by award and invitation only and are completely free of charge to the top 20 venues who are lucky enough to be selected each year for an award. This also ensures that the Irish Whiskey Trail is unbiased and not influenced in our selection of excellence by external commercial influences.

What’s the difference between the Irish Whiskey Trail and the Dublin Whiskey Trail?

The Dublin Whiskey Trail lists the top Irish Whiskey venues in Dublin. The Irish Whiskey Trail  lists the top Irish Whiskey venues on the island of Ireland. We have plans to roll our additional whiskey Trail sites for Cork and Belfast in early 2017. We also have plans to roll out similar sites for the Edinburgh Whisky Trail, Glasgow Whisky Trail, Japanese Whisky Trail and Indian Whisky Trail. We have no direct association with the Galway Whiskey Trail other than being very proud to consider them as some of our favourite Irish Whiskey Friends!

Do you charge the whiskey companies to advertise or list on the Irish Whiskey Trail?

Yes we do! We charge a nominal annual listing fee on a brand by brand and expression by expression basis. Whiskey companies who advertise their brands and expressions feature on the Whiskey Card of each whiskey trail member that stocks them. Our advertisers also feature in our front page slide shows and review features.

It is these advertisers who pay for the ongoing development, promotion and running of the sites. If you would like to create a listing profile page for your whiskey brand, just contact Stuart directly or use the contact form on this site.